Professional CEA Diagnostics Kit



Grownetics Professional CEA Diagnostic Kits. Pinpoint limiting factors to yield with our 10 point Temp, RH, VPD microclimate mapping system and 6 location substrate monitoring of EC/VWC/Substrate Temp, as well as CO2 tracking. Pinpoint limiting factors to yield. Do it for the horticulture.


Designed for growers and consultants to improve on-site and remote diagnostics while rapidly pinpointing limiting factors to yield. Includes everything you need to get started with Grownetics microclimate mapping and total crop steering platform. Pre-configured, plug and play fully wireless microclimate mapping and crop steering sensor kit for critical cultivation zones such as Veg & Flower rooms. Designed for single tier or multi-tier 3D microclimate mapping and substrate monitoring. Track temp, rh, CO2, and VPD real time in 3D. Track EC/VWC/Substrate Temp with the most precise substrate sensor in the world the Delta-T Wet-150. Pre-loaded and pre-configured with visual sensor map interface and detailed sensor dashboards.

Includes 12 month Grownetics subscription for 1 user, Grownetics business hours support, and three hours of dedicated user training.

More than just sensors:​

  • Monitor and manage microclimates in real-time
  • Includes convenient travel or shipping case
  • Includes waterproof Samsung tablet for on-site or remote data visualization and management
  • Pinpoint limiting factors to yield
  • Increase yield with precision irrigation and crop steering

Hardware Included in Kit:

  • 3D Microclimate Mapping Sensors
    • 10x High Precision IP42 Wireless Temp/Rh/VPD sensors
    • 1x CO2 & Temp Sensor
  • High Precision Substrate Sensors
    • 6x IP68 Wireless Wet-150 VWC/EC/Temp sensors
  • Long Range Wireless Sensor Base Station
    • 1x Long Range Wireless Sensor Base station
    • Up to 100 Sensors per Base Station
  • Kit TouchScreen Dashboard
    • 1x Water-Resistant Rugged Samsung Tablet
  • Impact Resistant Travel Case
    • 1x 44″ Impact Resistant Travel Case

Technical Highlights:

  • Up to 2 mile wireless range.

  • Plug and play, pre-configured. Just plug in gateway and place sensors in your room according to the provided map.

  • 2 year battery life. Uses user replaceable AA batteries

  • Average Weight: 15.4 pounds

  • Connectivity: Ethernet or 4G wireless available upon request

  • Power: 110V standard, 240V or solar optional

  • Validate room environments

  • Monitor and validate Greenhouse, HVAC, and Fertigation equipment