Botrytis & Powdery Mildew Airborne Pathogen Detection Kit



Grownetics pathogen early detection kits. Detect Aspergillus real time in the air before it becomes an issue. Validate IPM protocols and methods. Move from REACTIVE to PROACTIVE disease management. Real time pathogen counts by the hour. Also see our Botrytis & Powdery Mildew detection kit.


Pre-configured, plug and play airborne pathogen detection kits for critical cultivation zones such as Post Harvest and Mother room. Trained on Botrytis & Powdery Milder detection with 90-95% accurate detection rate for real time early warning. Also check out our new Aspergillus detector kit.

Includes 12 month lease of two SporeCam™ pathogen sensors trained on pathogen of choice, 90-95% accuracy, accompanying software, Grownetics business hours support, and user training.

More than a sensor:​

  • Daily and hourly counts with classifications of airborne plant pathogens
  • Enabling proactive disease management strategies before infection
  • Validation of actions by watching airborne spore data post actions

Technical Highlights:

  • Spore classification range: 6 μm – 1000 μm in size

  • Continuous data capture with hourly data resolution

  • Dashboard & email alert capability

  • Average Weight: 4.2 pounds

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi standard, 4G wireless available

  • Power: 110V standard, 240V or solar optional

  • Validate treatment plan efficacy

  • Monitor key areas including post-harvest / cold-storage

  • Canopy ambient data captured as standard equipment:

    • Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point and Estimated VPD (calculated)

  • Optional gas sensing: SO2, CO2, O3 and others upon request

  • Operating temperature range: -30C to +85C