Grow 2.5 - 3.2lbs a Light with 2-3x Less Staff and 10-20x Higher Precision.

Maximize Efficiency and Yield with Expert Grow Consulting and Facility Design Services

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to drive efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and skyrocket your yields. With a team that brings together a deep understanding of agriculture and the latest technological advancements, we are uniquely equipped to propel your farming operation to unprecedented levels of success.


Grow Consulting Services:
  • 1-2 Day Initial On-Site Assessment & Recommendations
  • 5-7 Day Full GAP cGMP On-Site Assessment & Recommendations
  • Process Optimization and Workflow Analysis
  • 3 Month On-Site Training & Implementation
  • 3 Month Remote Training & Implementation
  • Site Specific Training Videos & SOP Documentation for Cosistent Clean Yields


Full Facility Design Services:
  • Vertically Integrated High Yield Smart Farm & Manufacturing Facility Design
  • High Efficiency Systems Engineering
  • Facility Evaluations
  • High Performance Facility Upgrades
  • Dedicated Project Coordinator
  • Strategic Project Review
  • Feasability Studies
  • Biosecurity Design
  • Research Cultivation Design
  • GAP and cGMP/GACP Compliant Design
  • Planning & Projections
  • Vetted Supplier Network


All Consulting Packages Include:

  • Advice and recommendations on sensor integrations, equipment, and data driven cultivation and manufacturing processes.
  • 3D microclimate monitoring and crop analytics sensor suite in cultivation and dry/cure zones. This includes secure network design and integration with local IT service providers.
  • High efficiency system selection & design
  • Custom automation solutions
  • Batch management setup and training for team management of crop batches, locations, and
    historical batch data.
  • Advise on custom hardware & automation integrations

Experience the Optima Advantage

We specialize in powering the hyper-efficient farms of the future. Whether you're looking to optimize an existing cultivation operation or break records with cutting-edge cultivation technology, our team of experts is here to help you reach new heights.

Advanced Technology

Leverage our state-of-the-art cultivation technologies and intelligent systems that provide precise environmental control, real-time data analytics, and unparalleled insights into your crops.

Optimize Resources

With Grownetics, you can maximize the efficiency of your resource utilization, reducing waste and optimizing the use of water, energy, and nutrients. Achieve more with less, all while minimizing your environmental impact.

Expert Guidance

Our team of seasoned agricultural experts is dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and goals. We work closely with you to design customized solutions that address your specific needs and propel your farm towards success.

Break Records

Imagine surpassing your previous yields and setting new records in crop production. With Grownetics by your side, you’ll have the tools, knowledge, and support to push the boundaries of what’s possible in modern farming.

Join the Grownetics Revolution

Are you ready to join the forefront of the agricultural revolution? Sign up now for an introductory meeting and demo, and discover how Grownetics can transform your farming operation into a hyper-efficient powerhouse. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your farm and shape the future of agriculture.