The Foundation

Grownetics Smart Farms

Hyper Efficient

The easiest way to make more money is to reduce costs. Smart farms are resource efficient and consistent through the automated and precise application of those resources.

Compliance & Quality Focused

Scientific and data driven facility design based on international quality standards (GAP/cGMP) and years of real world 3D microclimate data and performance.

Data Driven

Manage cultivation and facility data with ease for continuous improvement and decision support. Give your data context with our 3D microclimate and substrate maps. Go beyond monitoring, achieve Total Crop Steering.

Future Proof

The highest efficiency control algorithms built on a flexible and reliable industrial automation backbone. Control your indoor farm or greenhouse with maximum precision and flexibility from anywhere in the world.

Full Facility Design & Implementation

Grow the best food or medicine, sustainably, at scale.

Cannabis cultivation facilities are the most advanced in the world. Consistently growing the highest quality crop requires tight environmental controls, total crop steering, rigorous process and quality audits, and maximum square foot utilization. Managing all this can be a challenge unless all components are carefully designed to work together flawlessly. Grownetics leads the industry in efficient cultivation systems and has dropped operating costs over 60% in some cases. See our testimonials and University of Colorado affiliated study.


  • Grow with 2-3x Less Cultivation Staff
  • 30-60% Higher Yields
  • 10-20X Greater Precision
  • Total Visibility
  • 24x7x365 Emergency Support

Best Practices, Open Standards

High efficiency and high precision cultivation systems and controls built on open industrial standards for maximum reliability and future proof compatibility.

From process design to automation systems. We start with highly resilient and reliable open standards that will still be relevant in 10-20years.

Work our team of facility designers, engineers, and cultivators to develop and implement your:

  • Goal and Site Specific Production Strategy
  • Scenario Modeling
  • System Selection
  • Project Plan
  • Site specific SOPs & documentation
  • Value Engineering & Modeling
  • Quality, Monitoring, and Measurement Systems

Quality & Quantity

Achieve award winning quality with record breaking efficiency.

Are you struggling with yield or quality issues?

Grownetics consultants can help with

  • Diagnosing facility and process issues
  • Implementing quality management processes
  • Train staff on best practices and growing methodology
  • Train staff on sensor usage and automation equipment

The Platform

Grow beyond data, grow with insight with our 3D microclimate and substrate mapping.

Built by growers for growers, unparalleled visibility into every aspect of cultivation and system performance. Run your cultivation and manufacturing operations on the most reliable and comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform in the industry.

Empower your team with super powers and help them grow more with less:

  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Energy
  • CO2
  • Labor

Total Crop Steering

Measure all yield inputs, processes, cultivation systems, and identify issues.
Genetic potential is the first limiting factor of any farm. Hunt award winning genetics for award winning products.
VPD, Temp, RH, CO2, and Airflow. Without the proper environment no amount of nutrients or light can help.
Light duration, intensity, and spectrum affect much more than just generative (flowering) vs vegetative growth.
Nutrient balance and irrigation strategy play a major role in supporting optimal growth with the other signals. Precision dosing is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs and improve quality.
Plants yield dramatically different results depending on cultivation practices like defoliation and pest management.

Our mission is to help every farmer grow every plant better. Every. Single. Harvest.