Grownetics CropVision: Beyond Crop Steering with Advanced Pathogen Detection

Revolutionizing Cultivation with Airborne Pathogen Detection


It’s not very often that we see truly impactful and practical new technologies introduced in the ag world but it’s always exciting when they inevitably arrive. Today we’re happy to announce Grownetics CropVision goes beyond crop steering with airborne pathogen detection. Get real-time pathogen alerts based on actual pathogen counts in the air for early detection and warning before problems get out of hand, or worse, millions of dollars of product get’s recalled after the fact.

Airborne counts of Aspergillus, PM & Botrytis with 90-95% Accuracy


For the first time, we now have the ability to detect Aspergillus real time, in the air. Trained on 4 species of Aspergillus for maximum detection accuracy.  Pathogen Detection in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is crucial for a proactive IPM strategy. Grownetics CropVision offers advanced pathogen detection capabilities, allowing for early identification of harmful pathogens such as Aspergillus, Powdery Milder, and Botrytis. This system detects pathogens in the air, providing real-time alerts that enable immediate action to prevent widespread contamination.

By utilizing our sophisticated pathogen detection system, growers can significantly reduce crop loss and improve overall plant health. Early detection is the key to managing potential outbreaks before they escalate, ensuring that your crops remain healthy and productive.



Precision Data for Enhanced Cultivation


Precision matters in cultivation, and Grownetics CropVision delivers high-quality, precise data through rigorously tested sensors. Our sensor integrations provide accurate data that you can rely on for making critical cultivation decisions. All hardware is programmed, tested, and pre-configured prior to shipment, making it easy to set up and start using immediately.

Understanding your cultivation environment and substrate spatially and relationally is not just about collecting data; it’s about linking that data to your environment, plants and batches, to pinpoint issues and improvements. With unlimited data storage and history, our charts and dashboards offer fast, contextual insights into your yield outcomes, helping you track progress and make informed decisions based on past cultivation performance.

Long-Term Success with Grownetics CropVision


Grownetics CropVision isn’t just a solution; it’s a revolution in CEA yield and quality management. This platform empowers growers with the insights, precision, and context needed to optimize cultivation processes, increase yields, and achieve long-term success. Our universal middleware can integrate with any sensor and any control system, enabling true data-driven cultivation ready for future innovations.

Are you ready to transform your farm with precision data and advanced insights? Welcome to the ultimate solution designed to redefine how you monitor, analyze, and optimize your cultivation environment.

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