5 Reasons Why Grownetics is the Ultimate Open Sensor Platform for Commercial Cultivators

As we kick off our partnership conversation series over the coming weeks, we’d like to highlight the importance of choosing a hardware agnostic crop steering and crop analytics platform for CEA and commercial cannabis cultivation. Here are the top 5 reasons why Grownetics is the ultimate solution for commercial cultivators.

1. Lowest Cost, Highest Precision, and Highest Quality Sensors

This is farming after all, and as growers ourselves, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions to collect high-resolution and precise crop data. While sensor companies come and go, data is forever. Don’t get handcuffed to a sensor platform that overcharges or doesn’t meet the requirements of commercial cultivators, or worse, may be out of business in a year or two. When Grownetics started 9 years ago, high precision research-grade sensors cost over $1,000 per sensor. Today, those costs have decreased dramatically, and Grownetics customers reap the benefits.

grownetics leaf surface temp sensor in plant canopy
Grownetics leaf surface temp sensor in plant canopy

2. Unlimited Sensor Data with Context

Most sensor platforms are designed to show data from only one or a handful of sensors. As sensor counts increase to dozens, managing the data becomes cumbersome and is often used for little more than critical alerting. Grownetics can automatically link all sensor data to every plant and batch, providing microclimate maps and comprehensive CEA-focused dashboards that offer unparalleled visibility and diagnostic ability into what’s leading to, or limiting, your growth.


Grownetics crop steering platform with mobile friedly indoor weather map and plant tracking dashboard
Grownetics indoor weather map and plant tracking dashboard can be acessed on any device from anywhere in the world.



3. Unlimited Historical Data Retention, You Own Your Data

Other sensor companies provide a limited amount of historical data, typically 3 to 6 months, because their primary capability is alerting, not data-driven grow optimization. What’s worse, many don’t make it easy to export YOUR data, or they charge you to access it and use it to help their other customers. As one of the only true crop analytics platforms, Grownetics provides all growers with all historical data from installation in perpetuity. Our big-data platform can handle years of data from hundreds of sensors with the blink of an eye, making data-driven decision-making a breeze.


Grownetics crop steering dashboards, crop steering data, crop analytics,
Grownetics crop steering and microclimate dashboards are the most powerful and flexible dashboards in the industry


4. Remove Human Error and Save Hours per Week in Manual Data Collection


As growers ourselves, we are passionate about the intricacies and challenges of optimizing commercial grows and CEA operations with sensors and automation systems. That’s why we built Grownetics, to capture everything related to yield outcomes, automatically.

We look at this in three buckets of data:

  1. Everything happening in the plant canopy
  2. Everything happening in the root zone
  3. Who did what and when

With Grownetics, there’s no need to manually aggregate data from multiple systems to analyze historical performance. It’s all done automatically as a byproduct of normal production.

two commercial cannabis growers manually inspecting a plant.
Cannabis cultivators take hours a week manually collecting data.


5. Beyond Crop Steering

As new challenges arise in the CEA industry, our open platform gives our customers access to new solutions like airborne pathogen detection and precision dry cure monitoring. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on recalls or remediation with early airborne pathogen detection and pathogen mitigation technologies.


Airborne pathogen sensors detect aspergillus, PM, and Bortytis real time in CEA and greenhouse cultivations.
Airborne pathogen sensors are the only early detection system for aspergillus, PM, and Botrytis


Grownetics is the ultimate crop steering and crop analytics platform for commercial cultivators, offering the lowest cost, highest precision, and highest quality solutions with no hardware lock-in. Our platform provides unlimited sensor data with context, no limits on historical data retention, and is built specifically for CEA and precision agriculture. With the flexibility to address challenges beyond crop steering, Grownetics is the smart choice for cultivators looking to optimize their operations and maximize their yields. Contact us today for a free sensor plan mapped to your exact facility and goals.

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