Expert Tips to Boost Your Cannabis Yields: 5 Advanced Grow Room Tips

August 29, 2023by Grownetics Staff0

You’ve mastered the basics of setting up an efficient cannabis grow room. Now it’s time to level up your skills and technology to squeeze out even bigger yields. These 5 advanced tips will help take your buds to the next level:


Identify and remove microclimates

Microclimates are isolated areas in your grow room with temperature and humidity (read VPD) levels that differ from the ambient conditions. This leads to inconsistent transpiration and nutrient uptake. Microclimates stress plants and can significantly limit yields.

The best way to understand and identify your microclimates is with our 3D microclimate mapping system which uses easy to install wireless sensors to give you a detailed view of your room microclimate conditions (especially necessary in multi-tier grow rooms). Once you’ve identified a stagnant or sub-optimal microclimate you’ll want to improve local air circulation through one of several options; move fans, adjust ducts, check old or clogged air filters, defoliate, or upgrade your AC units. We regularly see room yields increase by 20% or more when microclimates are identified and removed.


Automate irrigation and fertigation

Consistency is key for healthy plants. Automated systems provide exact nutrient mixes and irrigation schedules down to the second. This ensures no under or over watering, optimal EC and pH in the root zone, and predictable feed and shot sizes. Maximize yields through precision.


Use real-time crop monitoring

Sensor systems are crucial to ensure plants are experiencing what automation systems are telling us (tip: they rarely are). Substrate EC and water content sensors are crucial in understanding the root zone variability across rooms, strains, and systems. Canopy sensors that provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, VPD, light intensity and other parameters allow you to catch issues early before yields suffer.

Grownetics wireless sensors and CropVision XD analytics platform help you monitor room and plant conditions in real time at the leaf and root zone to help you take action to optimize your environment and substrate. This 3D environment mapping and real time root zone monitoring maximizes yields while helping to conserve water and nutrients.


Dial in your defoliation

Some fan leaf removal in late vegetative stage and flower can reduces humidity and improves light penetration to lower bud sites for bigger yields. But too much defeats its purpose. Strategic defoliation can have a very significant yield increases when done right.


Keep it clean

Prevent pathogens and pests from limiting your yields with strict sanitation protocols. Disinfect tools, quarantine clones, wear protective gear, and treat surfaces. Maintenance cleans in veg and post-harvest room reset protocols in flower are musts. A clean grow is a high yielding grow.


Implement these strategies to get the most out of your grow room, implement them with Grownetics to ensure scalability and profitability for years to come. Continuous monitoring, automation, and precision environment control take your yields to the next level.

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