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Automate, Optimize, Evolve.

Automatically monitor every aspect of yield and quality. Designed from the ground up for commercial cultivators looking to grow with maximum precision, efficiency, and quality at scale.

Growing high quality crops doesn’t have to be complicated but growing it at scale and continually improving quality and consistency can be. Stop wasting your time juggling dozens of charts, sensors, and apps with no context.   Grownetics is designed by growers, for growers. Our indoor weather maps and substrate mapping interface make sub-system and microclimate diagnostics a breeze. Consistently increase quality and yield with confidence, knowing every aspect of your facility is dialed in.

Grownetics adapts to your vision of the future. That’s why we designed Grownetics as an open integration platform so you can feel free to upgrade sensors and systems as new technology comes on the market.

  • Indoor/Outdoor 3D Microclimate Maps
  • Multi Level Substrate Monitoring
  • Individual Plant & Batch Tracking
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Monitoring & Alerting Across All Sensors & Zones
  • Automated Correlation of Sensor Data to Plants, Batches, Benches, and Zones.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Batch Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum ROI starting from day one. Grownetics powers the most advanced and efficient indoor farms in the world. Our research based approach and industry leading integration partners give you a leg up in an ever changing market.
How do you charge?

We work with you to determine the quantity and type of sensors best suited for your facility and goals. If you are only looking for monitoring and no automation then you would need a minimum of one cultivation tier user subscription as well. If you are looking for automation then you will be required to purchase a minimum of one automation tier support subscription that includes 24x7x365 emergency support. There is also a one time setup fee to build the map dashboard, setup the software and zones, and program all sensors and equipment. A 50% deposit is required to get your project started and 50% balance is due prior to shipment.  Services and support are billed annually after initial setup is complete.

Is training included?

Yes! We include three 1 hour training sessions for your primary user and team. Training sessions can be recorded for future reference.

Do you come on site to setup the equipment?

Not unless you need us to. Grownetics products are pre-configured and pre-programmed to support remote setup and commissioning. Wireless monitoring products are shipped pre-configured with a map showing where each sensor should be installed. Simply install sensors and plug the sensor gateway to an internet connection and data will start showing up on your map.

Can you really integrate any sensor?

Yes, if we don’t have an existing sensor type we have wireless data loggers that take any manner of signals from analog to digital.

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