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Stop Losing Product to PM

Autonomous Airborne Pathogen Protection

Detect Pathogens
Before They Are Visible

How Does it Work?

4 Reasons to consider Enhanced Pathogen detection

Your Current ToolKit is Not Enough


Looking for plant stress post-infection, trial-and-error environment changes, or
waiting for lab results can often be too little too late.

How much product is lost to pathogens?

Studies show the average grower loses 10-20% of their sellable product due to failed testing for molds, Powdery Mildew, and Aspergillus. Don't be a statistic.

AI-based optical sensors are not reliable

Many systems exist that can visibly detect PM but then it might be too late. Optical sensors cant see through the top of the canopy, missing a huge percentage for canopy depth.

Save Thousands on
Scouting Labor

With labor costs rising and product prices dropping,  efficiency is the name of the game.  

How many man-hours are dedicated to scouting?

Autonomous disease detection will save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. With cannabis facilities north of 100,000 sq. ft. becoming the norm, hiring manual labor to scout for disease is not feasible.

Move from reducing loss to
increasing gain

Pathogen detection is all about mitigating risk. Not having to worry about pathogens on a daily basis will allow you to attend to activities with more upside potential...And get more sleep. Always a good thing.

Save Time and Money


AI Sensors "See" an Outbreak
Long After
It Has Become Systemic

Millions of spores need to bloom before becoming visible to the human (or AI) eye.
We can locate a single spore AND determine what species it is in real-time.


Microscopic detection beats camera sensors

Using our machine learning classification algorithms, data is analyzed against pre-taught digital signature libraries for specific pathogens / particles.

Camera detection only sees the upper canopy

Camera detection cannot penetrate the canopy where pathogens thrive in the darkness of cover.

Increase Product Quality

Pathogens drain energy from plants, limiting full genetic expression


Turn minor losses into big gains

Not losing product to pathogens is a great outcome. Consistently maximizing quantity and quality is even better. Don't risk success on human error.

Increase yields by 20-50%

If you're yields fall short of 100 grams per square foot of canopy,
there's room for improvement.

How It Works

Pricing plan

Get the only pathogen detection system with a 95% accuracy rate

Many growers have recalls due to failed testing, losing thousands of dollars. Stop the losses now and forever with Autonomous Pathogen Detection.

Pathogen Detection Kit

Get real-time pathogen detection and harvest 100% of your next crop

Just $350/Month*

Trusted by over 65,000 customers world-wide


What customers say?

“The email (alert) couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. We have our last spray starting tonight and due to what the data is showing I added a botryticidal material to the tank mix.


The recent spike (Botrytis spores) leads me to believe that had we not acted now we would have an infection on our hands!”                      

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